Today’s Dental Technology:
Making Communication Matter Most

Dr. Paul Zhivago

If you ask me, I would tell you that there has never been a better time to be a dentist than now. And the reason, is because never before has communication been so easy or comprehensive. From the dentist, to the patient, and back to the laboratory technician, new technology allows us to create a full circle of clear and convenient communication – and a fully restored or improved smile.

Making my job easier
I’m a prosthodontist, which is a cosmetic and restorative dental specialist. As such, I am highly trained to design or redesign a patient’s entire smile with veneers, crowns, bridges and dental implants. I’m also surgically trained to place implants, which helps me to better realize the smiles I have designed. Today, all these procedures can be planned and visualized digitally. And what’s even better, I can then use the computer to present all the phases of planning to my patient so that they can also be involved. This ability alone has changed my profession entirely. By taking a complex process and simplifying it enough for patients to easily understand, I am able to not only educate my patients, but also put them more at ease.

Making the patient experience better
There was a time when, if you lost a tooth, then your only option was to try and get along without it, or replace it with a removable prosthetic or a dental bridge. Today, thanks to dental implants, the situation is far better for the patient, and the process is far easier for both the patient and the dentist. Here’s how it generally works. A patient can come into a dental office today and instantly visualize what the dentist has in mind regarding the design of either the smile, or just a single tooth. The design can then be sent digitally to a dental lab and the lab technician is able to create an exact representation of the design using computer files that were exchanged between the dentist and the lab. That means 1:1, no surprises, no guessing games – just an entirely predictable experience. In fact, with our in-house milling machine, we even have the ability to make the teeth right in the dental office, right on the spot.

Making a difference
So, again. I feel grateful to be a dentist today. This new approach, often referred to as “digital dentistry”, is beneficial to everyone involved. Today, we can use easily accessible technology for planning, esthetic outcomes incorporating the input of the patient, and communication with dental laboratory partners that is far superior than ever before. And that’s the kind of capability that creates really great smiles, all around.


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