Is Dreaming About My Teeth Falling Out Anything to Lose Sleep Over

Are you losing sleep over your teeth?

Although it sounds a little bit bizarre, many people have dreams about dentistry and dental health issues. From dreams about cavities, to pulling teeth, come morning, these types of dreams can be a rather rude awakening. But the fact is, dreams about losing teeth are among the most common of dental health-related dreams. But what meaning – if any – do they hold? Are they some psychic message about underlying dental issues, a red flag warning from your body, or just an unexplained notion cooked up while trying to catch a few “Zs?”

Is the Problem in My Mouth…or Just in My Head?

First things first, let’s put your mind at rest. Dreams about your teeth falling out are not symptomatic of underlying dental issues, so you don’t need to be worried that your body is trying to send you some secret message while you’re in dreamland. A dream about losing teeth is much more likely to be related to mental, emotional or environmental pressures.

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What Am I Thinking?!

Because it’s so common, a number of meanings for dreaming of teeth falling out have been suggested. Ultimately, of course, the meaning of dental dreams comes down to the individual. Obviously, everyone’s subconscious is different, but it’s a pretty safe bet to say that this type of dream can usually be associated with one of the following:

  • Anxiety. Obviously, it’s fairly embarrassing to lose your teeth. Some believe that tooth-loss dreams signify anxiety or fear of rejection.

  • Loss of power. Teeth are a powerful tool that we use to tear, grind or chew our food. Therefore, losing teeth may indicate a feeling of helplessness, perhaps brought on by a loss of stature, unemployment or a sudden loss of respect.

  • Loss of confidence. According to Ian Wallace – a psychologist and dream expert – dreams about losing teeth signify a loss of confidence, potentially brought on by a recent event or change in circumstance.

  • Insecurities about aging or appearance. This type of dream can be common amongst women who are going through menopause, indicating that dreams about your teeth falling out could be representative of people feeling older or less attractive.

  • Competition or rivalry. What about if you dream about someone else’s teeth falling out? According to Richard Nicoletti, a Jungian psychotherapist, it could mean that you have an issue or fear of a certain person – a colleague, for instance.

  • Desire for children. Freud might suggest that these types of dreams are actually symbolic of rebirth or new life, or more specifically the subconscious desire of a woman to have children.

Should I Be Worried?

No, probably not. Ultimately, dreams are just exaggerations of emotions we feel in our daily lives, which mean that more often than not, there’s really nothing to worry about. Your mind’s just playing tricks. However, for your own mental health, you might want to dig a little deeper and ask yourself if and why you might be having these dream-inducing feelings. Whatever it is, from stress about your job, to fears about aging, getting to the bottom of these issues can help your mental state immensely and help you to rest a little easier – literally.  

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