Using Teledentistry to Get a Second Opinion

second opinion teledentistry

While most dentists have the patient's best interests in mind, it's not uncommon for you to want a second opinion. Historically, getting a second opinion can be challenging. You have to schedule an appointment, spend time in a crowded office waiting room, and in some cases, your insurance may not cover the second opinion. When you find a teledentistry service, you might be surprised that it has the potential to make getting a second opinion easier than ever.

How Teledentistry Helps With Second Opinions

One of the key teledentistry advantages for patients is the ability to seek remote treatment and advice. Virtual dental visits are one way to use teledentistry, but it could also be as simple as forwarding medical exam documents to a new dentist. This concept gives patients much more freedom in making choices about their oral healthcare needs.

Teledentistry Gives Patients Options for More Dentists

The virtual nature of teledentistry means that patients have a more comprehensive range of dentists whom they can access. Patients aren't limited to local dentists and can reach them even if they're located a world away.

Access ultimately improves the level of care that patients can seek. For example, for unique or complicated procedures, you can reach out to world-class experts and get feedback from dentists who are the top in their field. Patients in rural and remote areas can reach more dentists than they would typically be able to. Overall, it provides patients greater access to dentists, which can help them decide on the proper level of care they need.

Virtual Second Opinions Provides Dental Patients Feedback Quickly

Another key benefit of getting a second opinion with teledentistry is the speed at which patients can receive feedback. Due to it being remote, you can speak with, and get advice from, a dentist without unnecessary travel. There are even services that are being set up that solely focus on providing second opinions.

Receiving a virtual second opinion is extremely convenient for patients and removes any need to spend additional time traveling or looking for a local option. It also means that in time-sensitive situations, patients aren't wasting precious minutes. Many patients who may not have originally sought a second opinion because of timeliness will now have access to better care.

Teledentistry Provides More Affordable Options

Teledentistry is also shown to be a more cost-efficient option than in-person visits. Many patients might be reluctant to get a second opinion due to the cost of revisiting the dentist. Luckily, teledentistry appointments are generally cheaper than in-person visits. Teledentistry gives patients the option to seek a second opinion without breaking their bank. Some teledentistry services are also starting to be covered by insurance, which can further ease financial burdens for patients.

Why Would I Want a Virtual Dentist Second Opinion?

While you should undoubtedly trust the dentist you work with, you're entitled to receive a second opinion. Every medical professional is perfectly capable of being wrong. There's no harm in wanting to confirm a diagnosis or see what another expert has to say about a health issue.

Teledentistry Gives You Access to Experts Around the World

In some cases, a patient might want to confer with an expert for a particularly important or challenging procedure. Dentists will often specialize, and your general dentist might not be the best fit for a particular procedure. Searching for a second opinion can help find dentists who are more suited to the task at hand. There's a lot of value in getting additional feedback from someone who is an expert at a particular procedure.

Weigh Your Options with Teledentistry and Possibly Save Money

Another big reason many people look for a second option is to gauge how necessary a procedure might be. Many dental procedures are expensive, and some patients might not feel like a recommended procedure is 100% necessary. Getting a second opinion can help a patient decide how necessary a given procedure might be.

Patients can also compare quotes from competing dentists to get the best price. While you shouldn't base your healthcare on cost alone, it can be a driving factor for many people, and many are looking to minimize their costs while keeping an acceptable level of care.

Getting a Second Opinion is Your Right! Teledentistry Makes it Easier

It is your right to get a second opinion. Any person can seek other medical advice or refuse a procedure that makes them uncomfortable. A patient need never feel guilty about trying to get the best dental service they can afford. Shopping around for a skilled and affordable dentist should be no different than any other service you might require, medical or not.

Teledensity Benefits All Patients Looking for Second Opinions

For patients seeking second opinions, teledentistry services offer attractive solutions to help them. Teledentistry, overall, gives patients more agency over their dental care and can help them find the right provider for their dental needs.

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