From Around the Web: Building a Thriving Dental Practice in an Uncommon Way

Building a Thriving Dental Practice

One dentist in Alaska has built a successful practice by focusing on an underserved segment of the population: those insured through Medicaid. With only roughly half of the state’s dentists accepting Medicaid, there was an opportunity to fill a significant gap in the market. But there are reasons why many dentists do not accept Medicaid, namely lower reimbursements and more complex billing procedures. See how this dentist overcame these obstacles and opened the doors to dental health for more Alaskans. 

Source: Anchorage Daily News
Publication date: August 12, 2018


How one Anchorage dentist built nine clinics by serving patients others didn’t want

A dentist opened nine clinics in Anchorage in five years by catering to patients covered by Medicaid who others thought were not profitable enough or were too much trouble to serve.

The founder of BTY Dental, Dr. Joshua Jeon, noted that reimbursements by Medicaid were much higher than in California, his previous home — high enough to make money, fund rapid expansion and pay for charitable care in the developing world. Read more…

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