From Around the Web: A Man's Essential Healthy Mouth Toolkit

A Man

Listen up, fellas! Not that we’re generalizing, but you’re known to love your gadgets, gizmos, and tools, right? Whether it’s a chef-worthy collection of barbecue utensils, the right accessories for your weekend golf outings, or a complete car-care kit, you can’t resist a perfectly put-together set of tools. If this sounds like you, then check out this list of oral care essentials from the manly men at MensXP.   

Source: MensXP
Publication date: July 7,2018


5 Must-Have Products to Maintain Your Oral Hygiene

The first thing someone notices about you, are your eyes and smile. Imagine a girl falling for you, but the moment she sees you open your mouth, bam — she flinches away. Reason? Bad breath, which is a result of neglected oral health. And mind you: oral health is not just about white, shiny teeth, it also includes how the interiors of your mouth (tongue, gums etc) smell and appear when you smile/laugh. So, take charge and try your best to maintain a terrific oral care regime.

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