About Us

Where Great Oral Health Lives.

Welcome to Dentistry.com, the digital home for dentistry. Come inside, make yourself comfortable and discover the most up-to-date news and information about dentistry, your oral health and why it should be a priority. Feel free to ask a question, share an experience or just gain valuable insight from outstanding dental professionals and knowledgeable individuals. We’re here not only to make dentistry better, but to make life better – together.

Our Mission

Creating a Path to Better Health.

Our mission is to transform lives through dental care. Experience – as well as independent research – tells us that the best way to do this, is by connecting patients with dentists so that they can create long-lasting relationships built on trust and mutual respect. Those relationships are key to giving oral care the attention it deserves, so that overall health benefits as well — in a big way.

Our Purpose

Dental Education is Key.

Dentistry.com was created to tackle a major healthcare crisis – a significant number of Americans missing out on the dental care they need. The implications of which mean – not only the pain, discomfort and issues of poor dental health, but also – more serious health problems which could be identified and sometimes even prevented with more proactive care. Dentistry.com was created to be the online consumer source for dental education; to inspire individuals to seek the healing and preventive care they need, and feel empowered to become true advocates of better dental health.


Guided by Community.

Because it is first and foremost a community driven by its members, Dentistry.com is truly a digital meeting and informational forum. It is influenced and guided by the patients, dentists and other dental industry professionals who visit, contribute to and benefit from its always-current content and extensive resources.