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Solutions for Keeping Your Dentures Clean

You can make your own denture cleanser at home.

If your denture currently has a soft temporary lining, please skip this section and read the section, "Dentures with Soft Temporary Lining" below to avoid damaging your denture.

- Dentures should be removed and placed in water or cleanser while you sleep. Your gums and oral tissues will remain much healthier if they are allowed to 'breathe' for a while each day.

- Place dentures in a cleaning fluid overnight or 30 minutes each day (e.g., Stain-Away Plus® found at your local drug store or see directions below for a low cost cleanser for complete dentures only). After soaking, lightly brush the cleanser off with water. For any dentures with metal, use only a solution recommended by your dentist to prevent corrosion.

- Since denture brushes are often coarse enough to wear and scratch your dentures, I recommend lightly brushing them with a soft nylon toothbrush.

- Dentures and denture teeth will break if dropped! To prevent this brush over a towel or water filled sink.

- Massage your gums in the morning and evening with a thumb or finger, or use a soft bristled toothbrush.

Dentures With Soft Temporary Lining

- Use Stain-Away Plus (or another solution recommended by your dentist) to soak your denture, but instead of using hot water, use only lukewarm, almost cool water for mixing. Other cleansers or high heat may damage the soft lining material.

- Soak denture in this solution for up to, but no longer than, 30 minutes each day.

- During the first several days, use cotton balls to swab the liner. After this, you may try using a soft bristled brush.

- Hot food and heavy chewing is not recommended for the first day. Also, since the lining is soft, small materials like seeds may become embedded in the lining.

- Do not allow the lining to become dry. Keep your denture in water while it is out of your mouth.

Low Cost Cleanser for Complete Dentures Only

This recipe has been provided by the University of Washington School of Dentistry. Use this for all resin complete dentures only, since it is corrosive to metal and to soft lining materials.

-  Keep denture in water or cleanser while you sleep.

-  Place dentures in Clorox-Calgon Solution overnight, or 30 minutes a day (this will kill most bacteria).


- 1 teaspoon Clorox

- 2 teaspoons Calgon (Calgon is a water softener, NOT Calgonite detergent or Calgon bath oil)

- 6oz. water

After soaking, thoroughly remove the cleanser by light brushing under tap water with a soft nylon toothbrush.

*** Do not place dentures with metal parts or soft lining material in this solution, as it will corrode or destroy those materials!

*** Do not rinse with the solution while dentures are in mouth.

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