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Caring for Your New Dentures

You can adjust to wearing new dentures.

Your new dentures are unique to you. They have been designed to match your facial features and complexion. A new set of dentures may feel strange to you, but don't worry. You will get used to them very soon. You may feel that you look different. Hopefully, you will look better! Just look in the mirror. You may sound different with a new set of dentures, but your speech should soon return to normal.

Your dentures should be removed from your mouth at night. You take your shoes off at night to let your feet relax. You should remove your teeth to allow your gum tissue to relax. Your dentures should be placed in water or a denture cleanser when not in use. This will prevent any warping of the denture material.

When eating, some people experience slipping of their teeth. Chewing on one side may cause your dentures to tip and loosen. You should try to place a small portion of food on both sides of your mouth and chew up and down in a vertical motion. This will equalize the pressure on both sides of your mouth and minimize movement.

Certain foods are more difficult to eat. Use small bites and chew slowly. You may also find improvement in chewing by using a denture adhesive. Good nutrition is important to you. Be sure to eat a well balanced diet including foods from the four food groups.

Remember to clean your dentures every day. This will prevent stain, plaque build-up and odor. Use a toothbrush and denture toothpaste to clean your dentures. Do not use household cleansers or bleach since these will damage your dentures. You can also soak your dentures in a denture cleanser. Don't forget to use a soft toothbrush to clean your gums and tongue.

Even though you are wearing dentures, it is still important to visit the dentist on a regular basis. Your dentures will be checked for their fit and appropriate adjustments can be made. A complete oral exam should also be performed to make sure there are no problems with the gums, tongue or palate.

With regular check-ups and proper denture care, you can enjoy good oral health!

If you're interested in getting dentures, call us at 1-866-970-0441. We'll put you in touch with a great dentist today!

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