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Dental Sealants and Fluorides Prevent Tooth Decay in Children



Sealants are thin plastic coatings that seal crevices in permanent teeth and act as a physical barrier to prevent oral bacteria from collecting and creating the acid environment that allows tooth decay to develop.

There is no pain involved in applying sealants. The cost of preventing tooth decay by placing dental sealants is much less than treating oral disease once it has developed.


Sealants block the bacteria that lead to decay.

Tooth decay rates in U.S. dentistry for children have decreased dramatically. Much is due to the widespread use of fluoride in both systemic and topical forms, which provide the most effective decay prevention measures. Fluoridated water, fluoride drops and tablets are systemic fluorides, which mean they are taken internally. Water fluoridation is the most effective and inexpensive way to reduce dental decay in a community.

Topical fluorides are placed directly on the teeth in the form of toothpastes and mouth rinses, and are professionally applied by dental hygienists. Topical fluoride reverses early decay by helping tooth enamel rebuild itself. Topical fluorides are still very important because there are still communities whose water is not fluoridated.

While research to develop a vaccine against dental caries (tooth decay) continues, it is important to guard against tooth decay -- an infectious transmissible disease -- with the combined use of dental sealants and fluoride. These services protect children against tooth decay just as vaccines immunize against certain medical diseases.

The American Dental Hygiene Association urges that any children's health initiative improve access to preventive oral health care services by including dental sealants and fluoride in any definition of childhood immunizations.

If you're interested in getting dental sealants, call us at 1-866-970-0441. We'll put you in touch with a great dentist today!

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