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Dental Fillings - Fillings today are more natural appearing.
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If you have a sweet tooth and don't practice good oral hygiene, prepare to hear your dentist say, "You need dental fillings." True, it's not the scarlet letter. But being told you need a tooth filling can feel like you've just been handed a badge of dishonor. Good thing is today you can get a cavity filling and keep it on the down low. With a tooth-colored composite dental filling, there's virtually no distinction between your tooth filling and real tooth. Unlike silver fillings of years past, today's fillings look natural and often take less time to complete but offer the same durability and protection.

Fillings & Sealants FAQs

Q: What are "white" fillings?
A: White fillings are the same as composite or porcelain dental fillings. A "white" cavity filling can be made of composite resin (glass or quartz plus resin) or porcelain. Unlike silver (amalgam), these cavity filling materials mimic your natural tooth color, making them virtually invisible. Good-looking as they are, not every cavity is a perfect match for a white tooth filling; only small to medium-sized cavities are. As for their strength and durability, a white dental filling can last 7-10 years; not as long as silver, but you'll get plenty of mileage for your money.

Q: I have some sensitivity in my dental filling. What does that mean?
A: It's common to experience some sensitivity after getting a tooth filling, especially when the tooth is exposed to hot, cold or sweet food/drink, pressure and air. This usually lasts 1-2 weeks.

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