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What Is a Prosthodontist?


When you need dental restorations that are rather complicated and extremely difficult, a prosthodontist is the doctor for you. When you need a specialist who cares for the restorations in your mouth, you will likely be referred to a prosthodontist. In addition to the completion of dental school, these men and women have exclusively dedicated two to three years to studying the replacement of teeth.

The Specialist’s Specialty

The prosthodontist can perform a wide variety of services: dental crowns, dental bridges, inlays, onlays, dentures and dental implants.  They are also trained to serve in unique cases where there are physical abnormalities resulting from birth or traumatic injuries to the mouth.

The goal of the prosthodontist is to create a beautiful, functional smile using the many miracles of modern dentistry.

Gleaning the Boards

Learn what a prosthodontist can do for you.

A prosthodontist can achieve an even higher level of status by becoming a Board Certified Prosthodontist. This individual has concluded his or her extra years of study, but has gone still further by successfully completing a series of exams administered by the American Board of Prosthodontists.

Testing involves oral and written examinations, as well as the presentation of three different patient cases from start to finish. In order to remain a "Diplomat of the American Board of Prosthodontists," it is necessary to pass recertification exams every eight years.

Who Needs a Prosthodontist?

Prosthodontists are called in when a dental issue is severe enough to warrant his or her services -- and only a general dentist can make that determination. These cases are generally not simple and require a detailed treatment plan in order to regain full functionality and esthetics.

Prosthodontist and Dentures

A common concern the prosthodontist faces is the fitting of full or partial dentures. A denture wearer oftentimes will suffer from gradual shrinking of the jawbone, possibly resulting from periodontal disease. When this occurs, wearing dentures becomes harder as the denture begins to slip out of place, making for a poor fit and an even worse bite. This is when the patient is referred to a prosthodontist who specializes in the fitting of teeth to an individual's mouth. The prosthodontist will draw upon his or her extensive study to make the best fitting and most natural-looking denture possible.

The prosthodontist is an expert in his or her field -- concentrating on all manner of tooth restorations. When your dental concern is complicated or challenging, you can count on the prosthodontist.

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