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The Benefits of New Dental Technology

The Benefits of New Dental Technology

Technology is revolutionizing the dental office and is making dental care safer, more efficient and less fearful for the dental patient.

"The intraoral camera is an excellent example," says Barry Freydberg, DDS, a general dentist who practices in Skokie, IL. "The intraoral camera is a miniaturized camera that allows patients to view the inside of their own mouths live. It's a wonderful device and patients love it. It's a wonderful way to educate the patient because they can see what problems they have with their own eyes."

Combined with imaging software, tooth defects can be corrected on the computer screen. "A patient can see their teeth straightened, a gap replaced by a new tooth, or see the results of tooth whitening," says Dr. Freydberg. "Patients can see how they look with a new smile. Plus imaging is a great diagnostic tool for the dentist."

During his presentations, Dr. Freydberg will explain how intraoral cameras have value in a dental practice, plus he will discuss the following dental technology:

Digital Radiography -"This technology involves a sensor wired directly to a computer," says Dr. Freydberg. "When placed in the mouth of a patient, it delivers digital images for diagnosis, much in the same manner as X-rays, but with much less radiation. It's much faster than X-rays too."

Management Software--"We're seeing a lot of software that computerizes appointment books, insurance forms, clinical records and bookkeeping," says Dr. Freydberg. "Electronic clinical charts are tied to administrative records for easy updating of appointments and insurance forms."

The new technology extends to the reception area. "Some dental offices have incorporated computers into their reception rooms that provide educational experiences for patients," says Dr. Freydberg. "If you touch the screen, you can learn about different types of dental treatments and how procedures are done. Better-educated patients are more likely to participate in their own care, creating a partnership of care."

Computers and new computer-driven technology do not depersonalize the relationship between doctor and patient. "Quite the contrary," says Dr. Freydberg. "They allow more effective scheduling; they allow more personalized follow-up for treatment; they consolidate information; and they educate the patient. But the big plus is that they allow the dentist to provide better treatment. They are going to revolutionize dentistry and the sooner the better."

It's never too late to improve your dental health. Call us at 1-866-970-0441 to find the right dentist for you!

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