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Nutrition Information

Nutrition Information - The nutrition and dental health linkNutrition Information - The nutrition and dental health link.
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Your mouth is, well, mouthy. When something's good, it'll squeal for joy. But when something's wrong, it'll grumble in pain — especially if your nutrition and dental health habits have been less than ideal. While brushing your teeth, flossing and visiting the dentist are no-brainers, it's easy to ignore other obvious things like proper dental health nutrition. That means paying attention to what you eat and drink. We know — you've heard all this nutrition information before. So have we. But the fact is when you pay attention to good nutrition, dental wellbeing is the payoff. Keep reading to uncover more clues about dental and nutrition information.

Nutrition InformationFAQs

Q: How does dental health nutrition affect my teeth?
A: Dental health nutrition is inextricably linked to the health of your teeth, especially when it comes to the development of tooth decay. Basically, this means what you eat can lead to cavities. There are several aspects of nutrition and dental health to consider: 1) Foods that are starchy or high in sugar increases the risk of cavities; 2) Sticky foods (including raisins and other dried fruits) can increase cavity risk because they adhere to teeth; 3) Dairy products like cheese help neutralize acid in the mouth, acting as a buffer between teeth and tooth decay; 4) Eating sweets during meals may help reduce the risk of cavities because increased saliva production helps neutralize and wash away destructive acids. Another good nutrition dental habit is eating legumes, nuts and grains, which contain antioxidants that increase blood flow, improve immunity and strengthen blood vessels.

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