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The Right Way to Floss


Using a gentle sawing motion, work the floss between your teeth without snapping it into the gums. At the gum line, hold the floss taut, bend it into a "C" shape and scrape up and down on the side of each tooth. Each stroke should go slightly below your gum line until you feel resistance. The type of floss you use -- waxed, unwaxed, flavored or unflavored -- isn't a factor in the effectiveness of flossing.

Use Special Tools for Hard to Reach Areas

Know how to floss the correct way.

If you have difficulty cleaning areas of your mouth with a standard toothbrush and floss, talk to your dentist or hygienist about the commercial products available that may make your oral hygiene more effective. These products may include extra-wide floss, floss holders, tongue scrapers, specially sized and shaped brushes or intradental cleaners.

If arthritis or other dexterity problems make it difficult or painful for you to brush, these adjustments may help:

  • Enlarge your toothbrush handle by inserting it into a sponge or tennis ball or by wrapping the handle with foil or tape.
  • Lengthen the handle of your toothbrush by taping it to a ruler or a letter opener.

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