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Flossing Important to Dental Health

Floss reaches areas a toothbrush can’t.

Plaque is a sticky film composed of food debris and germs that accumulate on teeth. The acid produced by bacteria is thought to cause tooth decay and periodontal disease. The best way to maintain dental health and prevent bad breath is to thoroughly remove the plaque at least once each day.

Tooth brushing effectively cleans the tops and sides of your teeth. However, most dental disease develops between the teeth, in areas where a toothbrush cannot reach. The solution and the key to dental health is floss. Oral irrigating devices such as waterpiks are suitable alternatives -- particularly effective in cleaning under fixed dental bridges or orthodontic appliances. Research has clearly proven that the regular and proper use of floss is the best choice.

Dental floss is available in many forms: waxed, unwaxed, flavored, unflavored, wide, thin and regular. The type and brand is a matter of personal choice. Novices, or those with limited dexterity, may find floss threaders or other cleaning devices handy. When flossing is not convenient, the careful use of toothpicks may suffice. Please consult "Ms. Manners" about her thoughts on cleaning one's teeth in the company of others.

Floss is the single most important weapon against dental disease, and, arguably, more important than the toothbrush. Its use should be a daily regimen. As with most of life's experience, good technique is essential. Your dental health care professional can best assist you with perfecting your flossing skills.

Remember, only a dentist can diagnose your dental problems and offer the right treatment plan for you. If you need a dentist, call us at 1-866-970-0441 to be connected with one today.

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