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The Cause of Impacted Wisdom Teeth: On the D-List


Impacted wisdom teeth causes are so last ... ages ago. Thankfully, we no longer need to catch and kill our food with our teeth, and haven't for several million years, according to a study posted in the Journal of the American Dental Association.

So why do we need our third molars, particularly when impacted wisdom teeth cause so much pain, or quietly harbor infections? 

Romancing Lifestyles

Impacted Wisdom Teeth Causes: Can you avoid an impacted wisdom tooth?

We need an impacted wisdom tooth as much as we need misbehaving reality TV stars and D-list celebrities. In other words: We don't!

Before the dawn of digitally downloaded music, before the time of first rail cars or the invention of the noodle ... ever since humans started cooking ... those extra chew choppers in back became impractical, making a wisdom tooth impacted downright painful, biologically hazardous and unnecessary.

Not only are they pretty poisonous, JADA says most humans host at least one impacted wisdom tooth by the time they turn 20. Additionally, third molars frequently arrive pointed in the wrong direction and ramming up against dentition we do need - the very definition of wisdom teeth impacted.

Logjams & Logistics

Cramming like this occurs anywhere in the mouth, but according to the Mayo Clinic, an impacted wisdom tooth is more likely to occur than any other impacted teeth. Since our third molars begin formation after our jaws grow and after all of our other teeth show up on set, our mandibles, shorter than those of our ancestors, have little room left to accommodate wisdom teeth.

And eating caused more wear and tear on our teeth before the dawn of cooking. Impacted wisdom teeth causes were less likely when worn out teeth further front fell off the stage and left room for third molars.

Besides, let's not forget that all of our other teeth leave body doubles for permanent teeth. (We call them primary or baby teeth.) Third molars do not. They come late to the awards show and usually cause problems en route. A wisdom tooth impacted is like one of those D-list celebrities physically incapacitated by pharmacopoeia, elbowing its way into the spotlight.

Digital Age Decisions

But unlike some of those D-list celebs, third molars and wisdom teeth impacted are not best forgotten. Impacted wisdom teeth causes may or may not produce teeth erupting through the gums and may or may not cause teeth problems hygienically and structurally.

Your dentist, orthodontist or oral surgeon will order X-rays or a CT scan to check the status of an impacted wisdom tooth.

Third molars form in a sac inside the jawbone. Those sacs may fill with fluid around impacted teeth to form a cyst. The enlarging cyst tends to hollow out the jawbone or damage second molars. If left untreated, cyst walls could form tumors requiring more serious surgery than the simpler impacted wisdom tooth extraction performed in early adulthood.

Impacted wisdom teeth causes gingivitis and its more dangerous form, periodontal disease. Adjacent teeth and roots may damage when impacted teeth but up against them, promoting tooth decay.

Though some dentists disagree, the AAOMS advises extraction in early adulthood for two reasons:

  1. Early removal causes fewer complications. As impacted wisdom teeth grow with age the roots plant more deeply in the jaw.
  2. Prevention, prevention, prevention. Why let impacted teeth begin their journey of destruction and disease? Nip the problem in the bud, preferably around the age of 18. (If only we treated D-list celebs in the same way, curbing their bad behavior early!)

Orthodontists may suggest wisdom teeth extraction prior to putting on dental braces, as impacted wisdom teeth will probably make the rest of your teeth move too much.

The Wisdom of Dealing With an Impacted Wisdom Tooth

See your dentist about your impacted wisdom teeth causes and consequences. A dentist, an oral surgeon or a hospital can extract the rebel teeth. (Hospitals primarily deal with an impacted wisdom tooth for patients prone to medical complications like excessive gum bleeding, but your dentist will provide the initial prognosis and check the health of your other teeth and gums during your visit.) 

If you need a dentist or an oral surgeon, please call us at 1-866-970-0441.

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