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Overcrowding Causes Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Overcrowding teeth causes wisdom teeth to be impacted.

In most people, wisdom teeth (third molars) begin to erupt into the mouth during their late teens and early twenties. Often the normal pattern of eruption is complicated by a lack of space, which can result in impacted wisdom teeth. A tooth is considered to be impacted when it becomes trapped in the jaw under bone and gums.

The primary cause of delayed eruption and impaction of wisdom teeth is the lack of space. Learning how wisdom teeth develop and the potential teeth problems associated with inadequate room for their proper development can help you understand why they often need to be removed.

Most people have 4 wisdom teeth. Just as with the other teeth in your mouth, they develop from a tooth bud. Each tooth or tooth bud can be at different stages in development as well as in different positions. Often by 10-12 years of age, the developing wisdom tooth buds can be seen on a Panorex X-ray.

A Panorex X-ray shows your dentist a panoramic view of your jaws, teeth and developing tooth buds. These tooth buds or wisdom teeth develop gradually over a period of many years. Because of this slow development, harmful problems or changes may occur very gradually. Regular dental visits and periodic X-rays (Panorex) can help your dentist evaluate these developing teeth and recommend treatment when necessary prior to any damage being done.

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