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Toothache - Persistent toothaches require dental care.
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It's true — they come and go, sometimes without any rhyme or reason. But don't let the transient nature of a toothache fool you. Because there really is no mystery to toothaches.They're usually signs that something's wrong with your teeth. A toothache can be caused by sensitivity to hot or cold or a more serious problem like a dental cavity, gum disease or a cracked tooth. Check out these articles for more information about what causes toothache pain and how it's treated. One thing's for sure: If you've had a bad toothache for more than a couple of days, you should see a dentist!


Q: Isn't it normal to have a toothache now and then?
A: It's true, most people occasionally have mild toothaches, particularly when consuming hot or cold drinks or food. This is the type of toothache pain that may not necessarily be a cause for worry. But a bad toothache — the kind that wakes you up in the middle of the night, throbs all day or lasts for more than a couple of days — could mean that a more serious problem exists. The worst thing to do is sit around wishing a tooth ache away. The best thing to do is visit the dentist for help!

Q: I had a toothache, but it went away. Should I still see a dentist?
A: It's never a good idea to gamble with your dental health. So even if you think a toothache was mild, only a dentist can make a proper diagnosis. Pick up the phone and call the dentist - it only takes a few minutes.


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