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Before and After: Class II, Deep Bite

Orthodontic treatment corrected this Class II deep bite.

At the age of 12, Robert was presented to the orthodontic office. He and his parents were concerned about his fangs and his retruded lower jaw. A dental examination revealed a Class II bite, in which his lower jaw was too far back relative to the upper; a deep anterior bite, high maxillary cuspids, and multiple retained deciduous teeth.

Treatment consisted of upper dental braces and a cervical pull headgear at night. Lower braces were added eight months into treatment. The headgear was discontinued after 12 months, after full skeletal correction had been achieved.

Robert's final occlusion was established through the use of interarch elastics. With a cooperative patient, total treatment time was 23 months. The patient is currently in long term retention. A newly designed appliance that is cemented intraorally has proven effective and reliable, even with uncooperative patients.

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