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Cold Sores: Healing Your Outbreak

Cold sores can be treated, but not cured.

For some people they are a simple annoyance, but for others they are a recurrent, painful and embarrassing event. Cold sores or fever blisters are usually caused by the Herpes simplex virus. About 75 percent of the population harbors the virus in their bodies and another 50 percent suffer from recurrent viral blisters. No one knows the exact reason for breakouts, but one common cause is stress -- either physical or emotional. When breakouts occur, it is important not to touch or break the blisters because of the possibility of spreading the virus. The virus infection can cause mouth pain, tiredness and even mild depression in the blister or breakout stage.

The treatment for cold sores until recently has been palliative in nature with no one remedy offering total relief. A product called Viroxyn® is available through dentists only. Viroxyn offers a one-dose treatment which stops the virus dead in its tracks. The medicine neutralizes the toxins released from the viral particles. It is the toxins that cause the pain, swelling and tissue destruction during the infection. It also stimulates the immune system and provides healing and relief in less than a day.

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