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Tooth Decay Facts: A Passive Destroyer

Tooth Decay - Many factors cause teeth decay.

In the United States, tooth decay's end product, the cavity, remains the number one chronic disease of children and one of the primary reasons 25 percent of seniors lose all of their teeth, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

And since you probably want to keep your teeth well into your 90s (at least), you should start halting the things that make your teeth decay right now.

So what are those causes of tooth decay? Oral bacteria and acids convert sugars and food particles into plaque and then calculus. Plaque acids also soften your protective tooth armor, your enamel. As the armor weakens, cavities form. That process is what causes tooth decay and it all starts with bacteria, acid and a passive attitude toward both.

Fighting Tooth Decay Causes

There are things you can do to decrease oral bacteria and keep your enamel hardened. You probably already know some of the obvious ways to battle what causes tooth decay, but may not realize other lifestyle habits zero out your good teeth preserving deeds.

Basically, winning the tooth decay battle comes down to this: Brush your teeth twice and floss once per day. Guard your oral health from sugar and acid lying on your teeth - in other words, watch what you eat and drink, especially between meals and brushings. Keep your mouth moist because saliva washes away debris and carries anti-bacterial agents while dry mouth makes your teeth decay. Last, keep your dental work (appliances, dental bridges, dental crowns and more smooth and clean).

But other than the obvious reason, having few or no teeth in the future, why else would you want to control tooth decay causes?

Tooth Decay Costs Money

The Principal Financial Group estimates 20 million lost work days and 12 million days of restricted activity for Americans each year - because of dental issues. That's not good news in a down-sized economy with a highly competitive work force.

Now more than ever may be a good time for you to find out all that makes teeth decay, and how you can stop it. Now more than ever might be a great time to preserve your smile for an assist at job interviews. Don't let tooth decay cost you a sale or hinder your professional prospects and attitude.

Tooth Decay Hinders Education

Our children may not be that much better off. Causes of tooth decay, like gum disease, injuries and more make students aged 5 to 17 miss about two million school days per year, according to News America Media.

Tooth Decay Threatens General Health

Causes of tooth decay also generate something else: bad overall health. Periodontitis may cause tooth and oral bone loss, heart disease, diabetes, respiratory diseases like emphysema - and it may increase the risk of low birth weight and premature delivery for pregnant women, according to The New York Times Health Guide.

Kill the oral bacteria that generate plaque acid and gum disease and you keep tooth decay to a minimum, reducing the risk of other bodily illnesses and malfunctions.

Your Best Defense Against Tooth Decay Causes

Visit the dentist regularly for checkups and dental cleanings to stop your teeth decaying. He or she will spot cavities and soft spots, provide fluoride or antibacterial treatments, or apply sealants to prevent further tooth decay. If you're experiencing jaw pain or see any other signs of a cavity in the making, get to your dentist quickly.

If you need a dentist, call us at 1-866-970-0441 for help. We're here 24 hours a day.

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