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Teeth Grinding Nightguards Control Nocturnal Bruxism


Many people don't realize they have nocturnal bruxism (e.g. teeth grinding at night) until it's too late. The first sign of trouble often comes after their teeth are seriously damaged. This is unfortunate because most bruxism-related injuries can be prevented by early intervention and a teeth grinding night guard.  

Nocturnal Bruxism: Teeth Grinding While Sleeping

Teeth Grinding Night Guards – Guard against grinding teeth at night.

Nocturnal or night bruxism is a common dental problem. WorlDental reports it affects up to 95 percent of adults and approximately 15 percent of children. Dentists know that the teeth grinding associated with nocturnal bruxism is particularly destructive.

The physics behind nocturnal bruxism teeth grinding is quite amazing. According to SleepChannel, bruxing occurs an average of 25 times per night, usually in four to five second episodes. Even worse than the frequency of the bruxing is the amount of pressure placed upon your teeth. The New York Times reports that grinding teeth at night produces up to 900 pounds of pressure per square inch on molars. Normal chewing only produces 68 pounds of pressure. Considering these conditions, it's no wonder that the damage caused by grinding teeth at night is irreversible.

The Wake Up Call: You Need a Teeth Grinding Night Guard

There are many telltale signs that you'd benefit from a teeth grinding night guard. Common symptoms of nocturnal bruxism include persistent morning headaches, ringing in the ears, jaw tenderness and tooth abnormalities. Ironically, some bruxism sufferers are unaware of their condition until someone tells them about it. The bearer of bad news is either a dentist who notices unusual teeth wear or a loved one who complains that the bruxer's annoying teeth grinding is disturbing everyone's sleep.

Teeth Grinding Night Guard Buying Guide

Teeth grinding night guards are very effective at preventing the damage caused by nocturnal bruxism. Keep the following points in mind if you're considering a mouth guard to control your teeth grinding:

Visit the dentist first. It's important to make sure your condition is properly diagnosed. A dental exam will confirm if you're experiencing nocturnal bruxism and not another dental problem.

Get a custom fit. Your dentist can make a teeth grinding night guard that perfectly fits your mouth. A comfortable custom fit is essential because without it you're unlikely to wear your mouth guard every night. Though less expensive over the counter models are available, they lack the quality fit, feel and durability of a custom model.

Double your coverage. Choose a teeth grinding night guard that fully covers both your top and bottom teeth. Full-size double coverage designs are less likely to shift during the night because they give your teeth something to bite.

Hard guards rule. Hard-plastic and acrylic teeth grinding night guards tend to fit better and last longer than soft guards. When properly maintained, hard-plastic teeth grinding night guards will last approximately 3-10 years.

Remember: It only works if you wear it. Teeth grinding guards are most effective at controlling nocturnal bruxism when they are used every night.

Tired of Grinding Teeth While Sleeping?

When grinding teeth at night makes a mess of your daylight hours, it's time you took control of your nocturnal bruxism.

To find a local dentist specializing in teeth grinding night guards, call us at 1-866-970-0441.

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