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Bad Breath Remedies: Dos and Don’ts for Dirty Mouths

Bad Breath Remedies – Is this bad breath remedy a Do or a Don’t?

Have a dirty mouth? The answer may be yes and you don't even know it. Those that do know they have halitosis spend about $10 billion a year on bad breath remedies, according to the Massachusetts Dental Society.

How much of this is wasted money? Well that depends on how much goes to gum and mint companies and how much goes to finding a professional bad breath remedy. Because you get the most bang for your bad breath remedies bucks at your dentist's office.   

The reason? Halitosis comes from many causes and many of them have oral origins. So chances are good that a bad breath remedy may need dental cures. And even if the cause is not oral, your dentist can help diagnose the root of your dirty mouth problem.

But what can you do until you get a dental diagnosis? Here are some dos and don'ts home remedies for bad breath that can bring temporary relief to you and those close to you:

Cleaning Your Mouth Machine

Do: Clean your teeth thoroughly. This should be the first, if not obvious, plan of attack on halitosis. Brushing your teeth twice and flossing once per day may be the most important bad breath remedy because food left in your teeth and gums feeds halitosis-generating bacteria.

Don't: Over-brush and over-floss, which will dry out your mouth and lead to gum damage. Brushing and flossing too hard and too often become irritators, defeating bad breath home remedies.

Don't: Use hydrogen peroxide as a bad breath remedy mouth rinse. The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry labels household H2O2 as a respiratory irritant and toxic if ingested or inhaled.

Abolishing Big Trouble Tobacco

Do: Give up tobacco, which practically guarantees gargoyle-style halitosis, inciting you to buy more home remedies for bad breath.

Don't: Switch from chew to smoking because you think you'll get less chemicals or debris in your teeth. Bad breath remedies practically require you to ditch all tobacco products.

Zeroing Out Xerostomia

Do: Keep hydrated. Eliminating xerostomia, or dry mouth, is one simple bad breath remedy. Check your medications to see if any cause dry mouth. If you still need them, drink more water.

Don't: Drink more sodas or sports beverages to control xerostomia. Carbohydrate-laden beverages along with the acid content in diet drinks only compound the cavity and gum disease problem, creating true need for bad breath home remedies.

Do: Chew sugarless gum. A temporary but basic bad breath remedy, sugarless gum also stimulates saliva production and helps to remove debris from between teeth after meals.

Don't: Chew gum constantly. This may promote temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJs or TMDs). TMJ causes bad bites and tooth fractures which lead to cavities and gum damage and a search for another bad breath remedy. Don't substitute sugarless gums for brushing!

Do: Seek treatment for chronic sinusitis. Cutting down on phlegm production and breathing through the mouth are classic bad breath remedies.

Don't: Discard dental problems as the cause of your sinusitis. Tooth abscess sometimes causes chronic sinusitis and halitosis.

Discerning Dietary Needs

Do: Reduce consumption of foods with volatile oils like onions and garlic. Home remedies for bad breath include eliminating these because the oils remain in your bloodstream up to three days, releasing chemicals through your expelled breath. Bad breath remedies won't help much.

Don't: Make drastic dietary changes while seeking other bad breath home remedies, unless a doctor tells you to do so. Balance remains important for both oral and overall health.

Do: Include crunchy fruits and vegetables as home remedies for bad breath, as they reduce plaque and stimulate saliva glands.

Don't: Rely on sugary mints and hard candies to hide halitosis because they promote tooth decay. If you must use a minty bad breath remedy for temporary relief, make sure it's sugarless.

Undoing Dirty Deeds

Remember, the first stop on the road to long-term halitosis cures begins at the dentist's office. Most bad breath remedies bring only temporary relief to those plagued by putrid breath. We can help launch you towards a more permanent cure.

If you need a dentist with professional bad breath remedies, give us a call at 1-866-970-0441.

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