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Bad Breath Cures Begin With Cleanings

Bad Breath Cure – Pinpoint the problem and find bad breath cures today.

Hydrogen sulfide. Anaerobic gram-negative bacteria. Volatile sulfur compounds. Don't these just sound more than a trifle nasty?  These ingredients make your breath bite. And 85 percent of the time halitosis originates in your mouth, according to the Merck Manuals Online Medical Library. So bad breath cures are generally found in a dental chair.

Why? The key to curing bad breath lies in the sulfur-producing bacteria that thrive on the back of your tongue but frolic most commonly with the diseases gingivitis and periodontitis. They also live in pockets between your gums and teeth. That's why you should seek dentistry to find out how to cure bad breath.

Your dentist will provide a dental cleaning or a referral to a periodontist, as well as strict instructions to brush your teeth and floss more effectively. This visit serves as a bad breath cure and helps prevent future mouth problems.

Other Problems Prompting a Cure for Bad Breath

Occasionally, halitosis comes from non-hygienic problems, though these still cause mouth or gum disease (one more reason to visit the dentist to find out how to cure bad breath first).

Xerostomia, or dry mouth, is one of those problems. It may have you seeking bad breath cures faster than losing your toothbrush will. Xerostomia comes from smoking, alcohol consumption, snoring, medications, nerve damage, various diseases and associated treatments.

Good saliva production keeps your mouth clean, because it washes away bacteria naturally. In fact, think of saliva as one of the more important bad breath cures, right after ridding yourself of gum disease.

Finding the Ultimate Bad Breath Cure

Now ask yourself: Did simple dental hygiene issues cause halitosis, or did xerostomia cause other oral problems and subsequent beastly breath?  Your dentist and other professionals can help you figure out a cure for bad breath and the physical or psychological ills causing it.

Here's an example. A chronic case of sinusitis may prompt mouth breathing as well as mucus production, sure causes of halitosis. But sinusitis might come from a tooth abscess, which requires dental help for your bad breath cure.

And other conditions like temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ or TMD) may cause a bad bite, which puts wear and tear on your gums and teeth. In this case, curing bad breath means fixing cavities and eliminating diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis. It also means relieving your TMJ.

Then there are other conditions like eating disorders or acid reflux disease which wash stomach acid onto your teeth, encouraging more tooth decay. In these scenarios, you may need a dentist as well as a physician or therapist to tell you how to cure bad breath.

Start With a Dentist for Bad Breath Cures

Remember that 85 percent of halitosis comes from an oral problem, usually because of gum disease. Your dentist helps you with the immediate problem by administering a professional cleaning. (Dental cleanings are far more effective as a bad breath cure than mouth rinses, gums and mints, which only mask your halitosis for 20 minutes or so.) 

Your dentist will probably ask a few questions about brushing and flossing, your diet, medical history and medicines. He or she may refer you to a doctor or another professional for further treatment if chronic halitosis originates from another cause. In this case, the cure for bad breath takes a two-pronged approach.

Looking for a dentist with bad breath cures for you or someone you care for? Please call us by dialing 1-866-970-0441.

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