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The Secret to Finding a Dentist Fast

Find a Dentist - Finding dentists has never been faster or easier.

We know that you have a 101 things to do. Juggling work, kids and home leaves little time for much of anything, right? But you also know how important it is to find a dentist who you and your family love. Because the more you like your dentist, the more likely you'll stay on top of your dental health. And that can only mean good things. In the short term, it'll mean fewer headaches and better overall health. And in the long run? More money in your wallet.

Dentistry.com is designed to help busy people like you find a dentist fast. Have a toothache? We'll help you find a dentist for relief. Lose a dental crown? An emergency dentist can give you the royal treatment. Need a dentist who's great with kids? Let us help you find a pediatric dentistry office. Want a dentist who's open on Saturdays? Just one call. That's all it takes to find a dentist who matches your needs.

We carefully screen our featured dentists and regularly verify malpractice dental insurance policies and dental licenses. Every detail has been uncovered — from office hours and dental treatments to office amenities and accepted payments.

When you need to find a dentist, you can count on us. We're here to help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Dentists in California Have More Happy Patients

Cosmetic Dentistry - Discover secrets to make your smile dazzle.

Sixty-four percent of Californians are happy with their current dentist and seventy percent have a regular dentist according to a national survey conducted by 1-800-DENTIST.  Respondents from California indicated they are more likely to be happy with their dentist than patients in the rest of the U.S.  The survey also revealed that more Californians have found a dentist that they are comfortable with compared to the rest of the country.  Also, Californians do not associate pain with their dental office visit as often as their national counterparts.  Are dentists in California doing something different? 

Perhaps increased access to dental care is contributing toward less emergency dental cases and developing better consumer attitudes toward dental visits. 

Or maybe dentists in California are more open to using creative methods to improve patient care.

Overall Californian patients are the most satisfied with their dentists but New York dentists should be aware they're on the other end of this spectrum.  More patients are looking for a new dentist in New York than anywhere else in the country.

Maybe it's the laid back California attitude, or maybe it's a clinical approach.  Whatever the case, Dentists across the country may want to consider keeping an eye on the treatment trends that dentists in Los Angeles and San Francisco are using in order to gain an edge on patient satisfaction in their own office.


Honest Reviews From Real Patients

Dentist Reviews - Read what patients say about our dentists.

It's fun to take chances but not with your health. And that's just what you'll do if you rely on the phonebook to find a dentist. On Dentistry.com, you don't have to gamble when searching for a dentist. You'll get detailed dentist information plus dentist reviews from real patients. Don't make the mistake of taking these dentist reviews too lightly. You're bound to find valuable clues about teeth problems, dental treatments, your dentist visit and more.


Find Dentists Who Match Your Needs

Dentists - Our featured dentists are regularly verified.

Our featured dentists are regularly verified by a team of Quality Assurance professionals. Many of our featured dentists are general dentists, providing a wide range of preventative and restorative dental care using the most advanced technologies. Some are dental specialists. So whether you have a minor toothache or need major dental work, you can feel confident that our featured dentists are equipped to help. To find dentists fast, start searching now! Or call us any time, any day to get friendly, live help finding great dentists.

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